Associated Press & Minnesota Public Radio: Walz says state laws block him from barring vaping product sales in Minnesota


EXCERPT: “Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said he lacks executive authority to crack down on sales of vaping products as happened this week in Massachusetts. Massachusetts’ Republican Gov. Charlie Baker declared a public health emergency and barred sales of vaping devices and chemicals for four months in the state on Tuesday — apparently the first action of its kind in the nation . . . In Minnesota, Walz said on Wednesday he explored taking action but was told laws in the state prevent it. ‘I don’t have that power and I asked my folks several weeks ago, especially on the flavored and on what we saw in Massachusetts,’ said Walz. ‘It turned out in 2005, the state Legislature revoked the governor’s authority on health crisis.’ Walz said not having the authority to act quickly on health emergencies is a problem and that he is discussing the issue with lawmakers.” FULL STORY: