Mayo Clinic News Network: Should college students go home for the holidays?


EXCERPT: “Thanksgiving is traditionally an intimate gathering of family and friends. And, for college students, the fall break in semester is an opportunity to travel home to see the family for a few days. With COVID-19 cases increasing at a high rate in some parts of the U.S., that trek home might need to be reconsidered. ‘If you’re only going to be coming home for Thanksgiving holiday and then going straight back to school, this may not be a year to make that trip,’ says Dr. John O’Horo, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases specialist. ‘If your school is in the middle of an outbreak, it becomes all the more important to really weigh what you can do.’ When weighing options for the holidays, Dr. O’Horo says you should start by thinking of the people you plan to visit.” FULL STORY: