UCare provides Individual & Family and Medicare members with COVID-19 financial relief


EXCERPT: “As COVID-19 continues to impact Minnesotans’ safety, health and financial security, UCare is providing peace of mind to its members and providers. The nonprofit, community-based health plan is taking several actions to make health care more accessible and affordable: Reducing member premium payments by 20% in July and August 2020; Removing copays for Medicare primary care and mental health clinic services – including telehealth – during the COVID-19 public health emergency; Continuing to waive copays, coinsurance and deductibles for COVID-19 tests and associated clinic, urgent care and emergency room visits; Continuing to waive copays, coinsurance, deductibles for COVID-19 inpatient hospitalizations through September 2020; Supplying health care providers, group homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, social service organizations and vulnerable members with telehealth home kits, masks, healthy snack boxes and iPads – more detail here; Offering $25,000 grants to small provider groups and community clinics to build infrastructure during COVID-19.” READ: https://fluence-media.co/2WI0Sho