UCare: UCare makes insulin more affordable for Medicare members


Today, UCare, an independent, nonprofit health plan, announced plans to offer Part D savings on its drug list (formulary) insulin to members of all UCare individual* Medicare plans in 2021. As the rising cost of insulin increasingly causes financial hardship, UCare is stabilizing costs to help our members with diabetes maintain their best health. In 2021, the cost of covered insulin for individual Medicare plan members will be capped at $30/month at a preferred pharmacy and $35/month at other pharmacies in UCare’s extensive network. This benefit applies in the deductible, initial coverage and coverage gap phases of members’ part D benefit. UCare Associate Vice President Patrick Mitch expects ‘our members with diabetes who use insulin will save on average $446 a year on their prescription costs. We are pleased to offer our members significant financial relief.’

The health plan will continue to cap insulin costs for Individual & Family plan members at $25/month in 2021. In addition, UCare will add select non-insulin covered diabetes medications such as oral drugs to the monthly cap. (This enhanced coverage applies to plans with medication copays, not HSA or Core plans.)

The pharmacy benefit completes UCare’s full slate of diabetes programs supporting optimal health for our members living with diabetes. A healthy lifestyle is key to controlling blood sugar levels when you live with diabetes. UCare supports healthy lifestyles through such offerings as: